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Boundless Designs

Boundless Designs is a web/graphic design based company founded by Steven Janiak. The company prides itself in creating custom one of a kind designs, specifically for each clients individual needs. Boundless Designs offers the most modern and consistent designs to our clients in all fields of art.

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Services include:
Web Design
Web Development
Graphic Design
Company Branding
Fully Customized Design

Founder / Lead Designer &Developer
Steven Janiak

Steven Janiak

Steven reflects the character of your business in the design of your web system. His formal education in web design, his creativity, and his discerning eye for detail bring your vision to life. He also has a knack for designing email templates, logos, icons, and flow charts which help clients connect with customers.

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We’re currently accepting new client projects. We look forward to serving any and every design need. You will be contacted shortly after recieving your email, with more information.

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